States with Wild & Scenic Rivers (Non-Units)

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California Wild & Scenic Rivers (Non-Units)

Kern Wild & Scenic River

Not visited.

Kings Wild & Scenic River

Not visited.

Merced Wild & Scenic River

9/12/1988 Entire morning and until about 2:00 p.m. in Yosemite NP [also Merced WSR] driving from place to place, walking, coffee breaking and picnic lunching in the most beautiful scenic spots. No Upper or Lower Yosemite Falls at all because of dry summer – [saw] discolorations on the rock mountains where they should have been. Bridal Veil Falls like a shower spray only there because wind was blowing a little water over the edge. Great anyway.

A view of the river
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10/29/1991 Drove east to Yosemite NP. On way through pass to valley, lots of heavy fog with snow on the ground. In valley, beautiful views with clouds/fog on top of formations, light rain occasionally. Stopped at visitor center and Indian museum and lunch. Drove around loop a few times - stopped at Lower Yosemite Falls (nice!), pulled over on road for deer pictures (a few bucks eating) and rainbow pictures, ended up at Bridal Veil Falls [included Merced WSR].

Tuolumne Wild & Scenic River

Not visited.