States with Wild & Scenic Rivers (Non-Units)

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Multi-State Wild & Scenic Rivers (Non-Units)

Klamath Wild & Scenic River (California, Oregon)

Not visited.

Lower Delaware National Wild & Scenic River (New Jersey, Pennsylvania)

8/26/1990 Drove to Washington Crossing [Historic Park] (part of Lower Delaware National Wild and Scenic River area [and Washington’s Crossing NHL]) - saw monument.

2/20/2013 Washington's Crossing NHL (NJ) – The location of Washington's crossing of the Delaware with a 2,400-man detachment of Continental Army, memorialized in Washington Crossing State Park. We started driving into the state park, but realized we wanted to be down near the river, so headed back. There were some interpretive signs here, and nice views of the river. This spot is also in/on the Lower Delaware National Wild and Scenic River and Ken took the opportunity to put his hand in the river. We could also see across the river to our next destination, and we drove across into Yardley PA to … Washington's Crossing NHL (PA) – Here the NHL is in Washington Crossing Historic Park. We had both been here before at different times and wanted to find the large white statue of Washington and his men in the boat. We circled around the park near the river, but couldn’t find it. We finally spotted it next to the Washington Crossing Inn, looking very dirty and gray. After a photo op, we drove back into NJ, but I realized that I’d like a better representative photo for the Historic Park, so back into NJ we went. I hopped out at the VC (currently closed) for a picture of the large monument, and realized that the VC area is where the NHL plaque might be. Sure enough, it was in the foyer, and I managed to get an okay shot. Back into NJ again, down the river into Trenton, found some lucky street parking and walked over to ...

Me by some signage ...
NPS Image
... and that sign
NPS Image
The Lower Delaware
NPS Image
Ken getting a feel for the water
NPS Image

White Clay Creek Wild & Scenic River (Delaware, Pennsylvania)

10/3/2004 Headed out of Phili west on crowded secondary road, finally onto open roads and down just into Delaware to White Clay Creek State Park/Preserve (NPS WCC Wild and Scenic River). Went to the Nature Center area and walked down to the river on the Mason-Dixon trail, right near the “corner” between PA and DE.

The park sign
NPS Image
Not much excitement here!
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Me by the river
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