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16 West Virginia National Historic Landmarks

Alexander Wade House (Morgantown) - 6/28/2018
The home of the educator, credited with developing a system of grade promotional exams and graduations, from 1872 until his death.
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Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church (Grafton) - 6/28/2018
Constructed in 1873, it was incorporated as the International Mother's Day Shrine in 1962.
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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Martinsburg Shops (Martinsburg) - 6/27/2018
Significant both for its railroading architecture and for its role in the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, it includes the oldest covered roundhouse in the US.
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Campbell Mansion (Bethany) - 9/10/2016
The home of one of the most prominent early leaders of the 1812 Restoration Movement in U.S. Christianity, which resulted in formation of numerous congregations of the Disciples of Christ and Churches of Christ.
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Davis and Elkins Historic District (Elkins) - 6/28/2018
The district is associated with the families of Henry Gassaway Davis and Stephen Benton Elkins, who were dominating figures in the politics and economy of WV in the late 19th century.
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Elkins Coal and Coke Company Historic District (Masontown) - 6/28/2018
The site of the last major coke manufacturing facility to use beehive ovens.
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Grave Creek Mound (Moundsville) - 9/10/2016
The members of the Adena culture moved more than 60,000 tons of dirt to create the largest conical type of any of the mound builder structures about 250–150 BC.
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The Greenbrier (White Sulphur Springs) - 6/29/2018
A 1913 a luxury resort located in the Allegheny Mountains and the site of a massive underground bunker meant to serve as an emergency shelter for the US Congress.
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Old Main, Bethany College (Bethany) - 9/10/2016
The headquarters of Christian Church’s Alexander Campbell and an important surviving example of 19th century Gothic Revival architecture.
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Reber Radio Telescope - 6/29/2018
Built in 1937 in Illinois by astronomer Grote Reber, it is the first purpose-built parabolic radio telescope.
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Traveller’s Rest - 6/27/2018
Built in 1773, it was the home of Continental Army General Horatio Gates until 1790.
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Weston Hospital (Weston) - 6/28/2018
Also known as the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, it was a Kirkbride psychiatric hospital that was operated from 1864 until 1994.
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West Virginia Independence Hall (Wheeling) - 7/1/2006
Originally constructed as a U.S. Custom House in 1861, it was the home of pro-Union State conventions and the location of the constitutional convention for the new State.
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Wheeling Suspension Bridge (Wheeling) - 9/10/2016
A suspension bridge spanning the main channel of the Ohio River build in 1849 and at the time the largest suspension bridge in the world.
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