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25 Minnesota National Historic Landmarks

Charles A. Lindbergh House and Park (Little Falls) - 6/2/2018
This 1 1/2-story farmhouse is the only known extant residence associated with both Congressman Charles August Lindbergh, Sr. and his aviator son, Jr.
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F. Scott Fitzgerald House (St. Paul) - 6/2/2018
The spokesman for the Jazz Age wrote several stories and his first published novel, This Side of Paradise, in this Victorian New York Style rowhouse.
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Frank B. Kellogg House (St. Paul) - 6/2/2018
Known for its association with the lawyer, U.S. Senator, diplomat, and Nobel Peace Prize-winner, co-author of the Kellogg Briand Pact.
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James J. Hill House (St. Paul) - 6/2/2018
The mansion stands as a monument to the man who built the Great Northern Railway, and remains one of the best examples of Richardsonian Romanesque mansions in the country.
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Oliver H. Kelley Homestead (Elk River) - 6/2/2018
From 1850 to 1870, this was the home of the founder of the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry, the National Grange.
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Peavey-Haglin Grain Elevator - 6/2/2018
Built in 1899 as an experiment to prove the design was viable, this is the world's first known cylindrical concrete grain elevator.
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Pillsbury "A" Mill (Minneapolis) - 6/18/2009
Completed in 1881, it was owned by Pillsbury and held the title of largest flour mill in the world for 40 years.
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Rabideau CCC Camp - 6/1/2018
Established in 1935 as a New Deal project, this is one of the best surviving examples of a CCC camp focusing on forest management and conservation.
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Split Rock Light Station - 6/21/2009
Completed in 1910 on a 130-foot sheer cliff eroded by wave action in response to the loss of ships on Lake Superior.
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St. Croix Boom Site - 6/2/2018
Commemorates the location of a critical log boom where, from 1856 to 1914, timber from upriver was sorted and stored before being dispatched to sawmills downstream.
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Washburn "A" Mill (Minneapolis) - 6/18/2009
Built in 1874, was declared the largest flour mill in the world upon its completion, until 1878 when it was destroyed in an explosion that demolished it and led to reforms in the milling industry.
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