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Hawaii National Parks

Haleakala National Park

10/14/1989 Drove to Haleakala National Park - up volcanic mountain to summit at 10,023 feet. Looked into crater at visitor center - very desolate; red, brown, black, gray colored dirt/rocks. Very cold!

The sign near the crater ...
NPS Image
... and the crater itself
NPS Image
Beautiful colors!
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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

10/21/1987 Drive to Hawaii Volcanoes NP, stopping at Black Sand beach on the way. Saw exhibit at visitor center, including feral pig.

NPS Image
Lava field
NPS Image
Lava tube
NPS Image

11/2/1991 ... continued to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Stopped at visitor center, then drove around rim road looking at steam vents, caldera, etc. Quite magnificent, if a little smelly (acrid sulfur smell). Drove down chain-of-craters road (down to ocean), stopped at different lava flows (with pahoehoe and a'a lava), sea arch. Road closed in middle due to 1990 flow. Walked on lava (wild looking formations, some still liquid looking, glassy sound) and bought some water from park service. On way back up road, stopped at beautiful black sand beach with white waves and palm trees. Finished up rim road at lava tube.

The caldera
NPS Image
A'a and pahoehoe
NPS Image
Cool pahoehoe
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