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Florida National Parks

Biscayne National Park

10/23/1993 ... over to Biscayne National Park visitor center. Not much to see here (saw slide show and short walk) as most of park is under water of islands far from mainland.

Dry Tortugas National Park

10/29/1999 Drove to the airport and checked in at Seaplanes of Key West. Picked up coolers and snorkel gear, and joined 5 others on a beautiful seaplane. Took off (from land) and headed out over the blue/green waters. Passed a couple of shipwrecks, and saw the Carnival cruise ships pulling in. Went over areas of very shallow water - really beautiful views. After about 40 minutes, circled over Dry Tortugas National Park and landed, then taxied to the shore. Got off right at the fort (Jefferson) in spectacularly beautiful surroundings - blue skies, white sand, blue/green water, palm trees. Changed into suits and found a picnic table on a great beach. Went snorkeling, seeing similar things as in the Bahamas (floated in a school of little fish for a while). Dried off, and enjoyed our sandwiches looking out at the fishing boats and ferries on the beautiful water. Took a walk around the large fort - very impressive. Finally had to head on back - took off the water very smoothly.

A view of the park and fort on approach
NPS Image
Me and our ride
NPS Image
The park sign
NPS Image
The interior of the fort
NPS Image

Everglades National Park

10/23/1993 Drove to Everglades National Park. Checked out visitor center, then to Royal Palms center. On the way, a ranger flagged us down to show us a mother alligator with babies - right next to car! At center, same ranger led a nature walk where we saw Egrets, Anhingas, Turtles, Large-mouth Bass and more 'Gators.

See the 'gator?
NPS Image
An Anhinga ...
NPS Image
... and an Egret
NPS Image