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Constitution Gardens

Multiple visits when going to Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, etc. including:

8/13/1996 Walked down to Constitution Gardens, through there to Lincoln Memorial and over to Korean Memorial.

National Mall

Multiple visits when going to Smithsonian Institution museums, etc. including:

8/1977 Amtrak down to Washington. Went to Air and Space Museum, National Mall stuff, tour tram around, JFK Center for the Performing Arts. Amtrak back.

The Mall looking north (with Ken looking west) ...
NPS Image
... and the Mall looking south
NPS Image

National Mall and Memorial Parks

4/6/2006 ... then over to Potomac Park and parked near the Jefferson Memorial. Went to the George Mason Monument (NPS) and over to the TJ along the Tidal Basin. Cherry Blossom Festival still in progress, albeit with the blossoms just past prime. Nice day – sunny, warm and breezy. After the TJ walked along the Potomac to the John Ericsson Monument (invented the screw propeller – NPS).

A park sign
NPS Image
George Mason Monument
NPS Image
John Ericsson Monument
NPS Image

11/8/2008 Parked in a garage near the Old Post Office Pavilion and walked over. The inside of the building is a wide open multi-story office space, food and shopping area inside the old post office. After a lunch of burgers, gyro and similar stuff, took a glass elevator up to the open-air top of the tower (this is an NPS site). Although there was Plexiglas or wire in the way, the views were outstanding, seeing all the major sights of DC. ... pulled into the handicapped parking lot for the WWII Memorial. Ken and I ran over and checked out/photoed the John Paul Jones Monument (NPS). Circled around a little and parked in a “Permit Only” area. Ken and I ran over to the DC World War Memorial (NPS), a temple-like tribute to the war dead.

Old Post Office
NPS Image
John Paul Jones Monument
NPS Image
DC World War Memorial
NPS Image

Rock Creek Park

2/14/1998 Over to Rock Creek Park; looked around the exhibits at the Nature Center, then down to the Pierce Mill. Got a quick tour of the old gristmill.

Me, the mill and the sign
NPS Image
Inside the mill
NPS Image
The Pierce Mill
NPS Image

White House (President's Park)

8/1968 Saw ... White House [NHL] ...

The White House
NPS Image
Me waiting for the tour
NPS Image
Ken, me and Mom doing research out front
NPS Image